About company

ANICON is a Russian scientific research and engineering technology company which specializes in creation of electronic devices and software and hardware complexes, automation of housing services and utilities and engineering infrastructure.
We use our own unique system of development process organizing, based on the models of lean production, which allows the end customer economizing the resources without losses in quality of work performance.
The Company has been performing its activities since 2015, uniting in its team the top class professionals. The wide network of partners all over the world provides for our clients the guarantee of complete cycle of order execution.

For the Skolkovo participants

Since 2017, the “ANICON” Company has been a collective use centre (CUC) of the Skolkovo technology park.

In case your company is a resident of the “Skolkovo” technology park, so your order is a priority order for us, and we will provide significant discounts for you.

Solutions by ANICON for:

Construction companies, and also for managing companies of the housing and utility sphere


  • tracing with high accuracy the consumption of electric power, cold and warm water supply in apartments and communal use
  • detecting the nonpayers, “rubber” areas, leakages and stealing
  • dispatching the controlled facilities
Engineering infrastructure of housing services and utilities
  • automation of boiler-houses
  • artesian wells, resource transportation nodes
  • full dispatching of heat and water supply facilities
Agricultural holdings and farming enterprises


  • reducing expenses on staff, irrigation water, electric power and combustive and lubricating materials due to the automated control with irrigation equipment, optimization of agricultural machine routes, control of soil and irrigation parameters vitally important for plants in any amount of points
  • increasing the yield by means of the recommending system and forecast analytics information
  • minimizing the losses due to system warnings about possible yield reduction / harvest failure
Production enterprises of the processing industry


  • connecting different functional areas of production into one controllable space with step-by-step control of each stage of vital cycle of the item to be created
  • controlling efficiently the stock resources of enterprise
  • optimizing the processing of orders for loading of production lines
  • providing connection of production equipment with software of control and accounting of financial and material flows


  • increasing sales of technically complicated goods
  • easy involving purchasers in communication, awaking interest
  • reducing expenses on labour payment for promoters and sales assistants
Automobile branch


For car owners:

  • controlling technical condition of the car 24/7 and reducing expenses on its maintenance and repair up to 80% due to preventive diagnostics
  • getting discounts for fuel and other bonuses and special offers from fuel filling stations and automobile service stations
  • improving skills of driving, getting economy of fuel and reducing environmental emissions

For fuel filling station networks:

  • increasing the average cheque due to additional sale of products based on specialized offers
  • increasing clients’ loyalty
  • getting information about frequency of clients’ visiting the fuel filling stations and amounts of the consumed fuel, including that on competitors’ fuel filling stations

Automobile service enterprises:

  • increasing the client flow
  • reducing time for client servicing

Automobile manufacturers:

  • receiving statistical information about breakdowns of assemblies and mechanisms of the manufactured cars in order to improve their quality
  • extending the functionality of the manufactured cars, building in the OraCar equipment
  • direct communication channel with consumers

Oil product producers:

  • receiving statistical information about combustion quality of the produced fuel in different car engine models
Contact Information
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Legal address: Russian Federation, 143026, Moscow, territory of the “Skolkovo” innovation center, Malevich St., 1.
  • Actual/postal address: Russian Federation, 414024, Astrakhan region, Astrakhan city, Bakinskaya St., house 79-81/22/28
  • We work with any regions and countries. Cash and non-cash payment, conclusion of agreements, NDA.