Automation of utility connections

The ANICON Company has developed the module scalable automation system, used for:

full-fledged finished solution of SmartHome / SmartOffice class, is installed both as constructor at the stage of construction or after putting into operation
It provides control and management of any domestic communications and equipment, including all types of alarms and ACS, it provides control of carrying structures in the mass of the selected points
Utility connections
Control of water and gas supply, waste water disposal, heating, electric network, house territory lighting, alarm systems
Housing services and utilities
control of boiler-houses, electrical substations, trunk pipelines
Micro-districts / towns
It provides inclusion of all points and control facilities into the single controllable space having no technical restrictions on scale
The system is installed mainly without cable connections, it can be partly self-contained in electric power, it is operated with any available equipment of facilities, it has an intuitively comprehensible constructor of scenarios, and a required number of control boards. Cloud services with support from the IBM are the part of the system.
Periphery controllers and operator’s board controllers are the functional (“smart”) core of the system. Sensors and execution units (system periphery) consist of an original system of signal micro-processing and communication means with controllers. Deployment of periphery network at the facility is performed by means of sensors installation on the value control points, and installation of execution units – on the points of effect on the facility.

The final composition of the system is defined and is formed by the problem for which solving it is applied, and also by peculiarities of a specific automation facility.

The system has no restrictions on amount of periphery. One group of sensors (up to 63 pcs.) can be associated with one controller of periphery devices. With that, the controllers of peripheral devices separated geographically can be united into a network. Thus, it becomes possible to unite many facilities, territorially spaced-apart for huge distances, into a single control contour, and operator’s board can be the same.
Operator’s board made as a device, a mobile application, or a Web-service, has intuitively comprehensible interface, constructor of scenarios, display facilities and interface setting with communication means with the available data transfer channels.
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