When performing the engineering consulting services and research, design construction, or calculation analytic works, our team implements in practice a design-oriented approach, and also at preparation of technical economic feasibility reports of the projects.
Based on the technical assignment (TA), we develop a sketch and technical design for the item with full set of the necessary technological design documentation according to the Unified system for design documentation (USDD) (including those according to ANSI, EN ISO).
Assisted by our own staff, the designing of technical (KD) and detailed documentation (RKD) is performed for parts of industrial items (three-dimensional CAD models), creation of management programs with visualization of the processing procedure (CAM), and also the engineering calculations (CAE), simulation of physical processes and other services in the sphere of engineering are performed.
At the stage of sketch design, the styling design works are performed, an ergonomic solution is developed, versions of colour and texture solution are worked through, the composition of the item is worked out in detail, construction details of materials and production technology of parts etc.
To check the appearance of an item or the assessment of functionality of its main construction components or assemblies, yet at the stage of sketch design, a preliminary model of the future item can be made, using the available technologies.

When developing the engineering design, the following works are performed:

  • Collection and analysis of information about functional and technological peculiarities of analogous items
  • Defining the options of possible constructive solutions, the work with item layout
  • Placing the assemblies and components, defining the principles of their operation or interaction, implementation of constructive solutions and working out the configuration of parts of the item in detail with consideration of production technology and peculiarities and possibilities of actual production
  • Comparative assessment of options under consideration, cinematic and strength calculations, technological calculations
  • Choosing an optimal version of constructive solution and justification of choosing it
  • Making the reference technical documentation etc
For experimental checking the possibility of creation of a product model and for defining its functional features, for checking the correctness of results of the works and checking the optimality of the choices of technical and constructive technological solution at designing, an Experimental model (Prototype) is made.

Additional services in the sphere of engineering:

  • selection of technological equipment, instruments or technological outfitting required for implementation of the project
  • audit of contract manufacturing
  • engineering and designer’s supervision of project implementation
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