Automated meter reading and control systems (AMRCS)

Control of electric power, water and gas consumption is an important process which touches both an ordinary person and a managing company, and recourse selling organizations. The tasks of exact record of the consumed energy resources, distribution of amounts among consumers, detection of nonpayers and systematization of work on recovery of debts are solved by means of the AMRCS (automated meter reading and control system).
By means of the AMRCS, you can control easily the readings on the counter display and their changes within a specific period of time, and thus, for example, find out how much time has a magnet been hanging on a metering device. Using the AMRCS, a managing company knows exactly which of consumers pay, and which not, and applies corresponding measures against nonpayers.

The system collects information from ordinary electric power, gas, water meters equipped with impulse-number output, or from special sensors.

Using the AMRCS allows not only organizing the operative and reliable collection of information, but also switching to the multi-tariff system of payment for the consumed electric power, reducing expenses on the controlling staff, minimizing losses of electric power due to control, analysis and exclusion of inefficient using electric power in places of public use, automatizing writing out the bills for subscribers.

Installation of the AMRCS in new multi-storey apartment houses, as a rule, is done in the following way:

  • Installation of water and gas meters with radio modules
  • Laying the trunk lines on the storeys and among storeys
  • Installation of radio registers on the landings for water and gas meters
  • If required, installation of impulse-number blocks for electric power meters
  • Installation of a communal meter and connecting it to the Internet
  • Installation of software, start-up works, putting the system into operation
  • Training Client’s employees

For calculation of the AMRCS for your tasks, you need to know:

  • type of building/facility
  • the controlled parameters
  • type of available/planned control meters
  • number of the automated operators’ desks
  • materials of walls, coverings, number of storeys, availability of possibility of connecting to the Internet
  • number of operators

Write us a letter-application at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., including:

  • storey-by-storey explication of the building
  • a diagram of engineering communications which are planned to control with indication of installation of meter devices
We will get in touch with you within 3 work days to specify the details and agree the calculation.
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